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Set up a continuous follow-up and follow-up program over several months to put customers back in their purchasing cycle.

Supervised by a weekly training program, you will also improve the skills of your team in order to put your processes in place.


Campaign deployed over a period of 4 to 7 months in a context of continuous customer monitoring.

From a training plan chosen by you, we will help you in the development of your sales force, in the implementation of effective floor management, sales and customer follow-up processes.

A complete customer training and recovery program.

- Telephone techniques
- Sale and rental
- Renewal
- Desking
- Customer follow-up
- File analysis
- Conversion of Service customers
- Communication program
- Internet leads

Types of prospects

- End of financing
- End of rental
- Service orphans
- Walkouts


- Phone
- Emails
- Internet

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Program sequence

Customer communication plan

Training one day a week.

Continuous customer recovery program

Monitoring of results and interventions

Setting up

Preparation with the team

- Analysis of the monthly program 
- Selection of clients
- Segmentation of lists
- Call scripts
- Follow-up of walkouts and Internet leads

Results tracking

Team review

- Status monitoring
- Analysis of files
- New appointments
- Follow-up with prospects


Working with the team

- Customer follow-up
- Communication skills
- File analysis
- Rental and renewal
- Desking

We have designed the 4-30 program to re-establish contact with your customers over a period of 4 months. This approach allows you to adjust your customer contacts according to the evolution of their behavior.

The conversation mode aims to put your customers back in time in order to establish with them the best time to change vehicles.

For those who opt for the Plus option, we will continue to follow the conversations with your customers throughout the fall and thus finalize other appointments and therefore more sales.

The 4-30 program has been developed to establish a conversation with your customers. Our communications will be established over a longer period with follow-up with your customers according to their preferences.

We combine several communication channels to properly prepare your customers and thus increase your conversion rate into appointments and therefore sales.

Like traditional events, the 4-30 program aims to develop the skills of your workforce with training from experienced people in the industry.

Built from proven techniques, the training covers all of your sales operations. Take advantage of changes in the industry to re-establish processes adapted to the new reality.

1. Preparation

- Multi-source data extraction
- List crossing and cleaning
- Analysis of potential customers
- Segmentation of lists
- Segmented and personalized scripts

2. Visual creation

- Development of visuals for emails, landing page and digital recovery

- Web and social media banners

3. Digital follow-up

- Precise targeting of selected customers


4. Customer contact campaign

Landing page for registration online
- Incoming calls
- Messenger
- FB comments
- Contact forms

Email campaign
- Online registration
- Incoming calls

Outgoing call campaign
- Segmented and personalized scripts

5. Support at the dealer

- Desk management
- Contact tracking
- Walkout analysis
- Customer recall
- Concierge service (optional)


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FMT Strategy & performance
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