Advanced data

Advanced data management

" Good retention results start with good customer database management. "

Segment your databases to better plan

  • Start your marketing activities with an in-dept knowledge of your customer databases. 

  • By segmenting your databases, you will be able to identify the best opportunities depending on the programs and your inventory. 

  • Optimize your return on investment by deploying the right communications for planned returns.

Data Wizard

FMT allows you to view your customer database with the Data Wizard.

With you, we will be able to analyze your recovery potential and coordinate effective customer campaigns.

The DW allows you to plan your campaigns according to your manufacturer's programs and the availability of your inventory. So you bring in the right customers with the right program and the right vehicle. Now is the time to take action with the DW and FMT!


Opportunity manager

The Opportunity Manager is a turnkey system designed to support the management of all your appointments. Keep track of your appointments quickly and easily and above all, never miss out on any new business opportunity.

This exclusive system, developed by the FMT team, will be a essential tool to facilitate daily management of your teams.


Get your appointments in real time

Manage traffic in your showroom

Update customer activities

Follow your performance live

Export your lists for analysis


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FMT Strategy & performance
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FMT Strategy & performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7