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A first-class contact centre, 100% dedicated to the automotive industry!

With the FMT customer contact centre you deal with automotive specialists. We understand your reality and all the subtleties with which you compose.

Our systems have been custom-designed to be efficient, relevant and consistent with your customer contact cycles.

Social distancing

FMT makes appointments based on your on-time ability. Today with social distance, the number of people in your showroom at the same time is an important issue for your clientele.

In a context of social distancing, switch to FMT’s personalized follow-up program.


Renewals follow-up

Tracking service for clients entering their end-of-lease process. Customer communications program implemented to dealer specifications.

A survey of customer intentions is sent to the dealership after the communication and an appointment is communicated.


Financing follow-up

Follow your customers who are most likely to change their vehicle at the right time in their financing term. Work your customers as long as possible before the end of their term and maximize your conversions.

Use lists cleaned by FMT or lists of opportunities with AutoAlert.


New models launches 

Personalised invitation service for the unveiling of a new model. Join as many people as possible to invite them to a launch party.

Combine it with an invitation email and a landing page to showcase your new feature and allow people to register online.


Targeted list of manufacturers

Personalized call campaign with lists provided by your manufacturer with specific offers for your customers.

We are able to perform these campaigns with custom scripts based on the manufacturer's offers and your in-house offerings.


Buyback program

Follow-up with customers who own a vehicle you’re looking for. Invitation for an evaluation in order to buy back their vehicle.

Combine with an equity analysis and you get leads for the purchase of a new or used vehicle.


Walkouts follow-up

Quick and independent follow-up with your walkouts to get as much information as possible about their reasons for not buying.

Mini survey on the service received at the dealership and obtaining information to allow you to make a sale.

We send you a customer card for each customer contacted with an appointment or contact.

" The FMT customer contact centre allows you to combine multiple modes of communication and centralize customer "

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FMT Strategy & performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
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FMT Strategy & performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7