"Get out of the mainstream and deploy tailor-made digital campaigns with FMT."


We have developed advanced strategies for digital campaign management and investment. For short, medium and long-term investments, we have a full range to offer.

Our customer contact centre is fully integrated into our digital campaigns so we are able to manage top-level leads or a complete conversion process with turnkey appointments.

Group sales blitz

Digital campaign combined with a specific group campaign organized by a manufacturer. Deployed across multiple networks and modes of communication to attract as many leads as possible at the end of their buying process.

Auto Show and Temporary Showcases

Geolocation program in order to target people who attend trade shows or during shop windows in shopping centres. We are adding a lead recording platform to our digital support in order to create personalized stimulus programs.

Launch of new models

A multi-network digital campaign combined with a landing page dedicated to the launch of a new model in order to attract maximum attention and promote the vehicle.

Sale and retention event

Our customer-targeted follow-up campaigns reinforce the message of emails and our agents to get their attention and increase the conversion rate to appointments and the number of sales at your private events.

Continuous monthly campaigns

We offer unique campaigns for your dealership. Tailored to your current needs and objectives, we have access to a multitude of networks in order to get a maximum of leads.

Combined with visuals developed for you with the latest network methods, you will get out of the mainstream and detach yourself from the competition.

Conquest of models

Would you like to put forward a particular model in order to increase your market share? Our methods, visuals and networks are able to help you in your quest for success.

FMT campaigns are deployed on microsites of destinations optimized for conversions or on your dealer's website. We have a complete team to design the best investment strategies and technology development to deploy unique and impactful campaigns.

3 destination strategies

For your continuous campaigns

Your website

We install our conversion and audience tracking tools on your site to drive our campaigns and get the most out of every dollar invested. Combined with our omnichannel communications tools, we can help you increase your conversions and sales.

To boost your campaigns

Sales booster

A site on your site, the Sales Booster allows you to integrate a dynamic landing page to highlight a sales event, model launch or specific activity. Built-in conversion tools will help you convert more leads.

For a unique experience

Landing page

Improve the customer experience and relevance of your targeted ads with a personalized landing page. Your customers will find all the relevant information they need without having to search. Ideal for new model events and launches.

Leads are good but sales are better!

Complete your campaigns with continuous lead management.


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FMT Strategy & performance
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FMT Strategy & performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7