Maximize your number of leads and return on advertising investment across Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more by entrusting us with the management of your automotive digital marketing for all your dealerships.

Over 80% of advertising touch points in the search for an automobile are digital.

Be present on all these touch points at the right moment with the right message, to stay in constant communication with your buyers and capitalize on all sales opportunities in this new reality of the automotive buying process.

  • Complete takeover
  • Focused on new digital realities
  • Any advertising platform
  • Lead management included
  • Google certifications
  • Advantageous packages
  • and many other benefits!

Discover our automotive digital marketing process

Understand the current performance of your advertising channels

Obtain a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of your advertising channels and campaigns. Understand the conversion funnel used by your visitors. Identify the most viewed vehicles. Analyze your competitors’ strategies.


  • Understand where you stand
  • See what your vehicle buyers want
  • Know your competitors strategy
  • Align your objectives

Set your automotive digital marketing goal

Determine the objectives that best meet your current growth needs. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, interactions, website or dealership visits, countering a competitor’s entry, or selling specific types of vehicles, for instance, your digital advertising campaigns will be designed to automatically maximize the achievement of these goals, thanks to the algorithms and artificial intelligence set up to work in your favor.


  • Align campaign design
  • Accurately measure results
  • Achieve the right objectives
  • Prepare your strategy

Expand your digital marketing strategy

Analyze your market, segment the demand, target, and position your offers to appeal to the most likely buyers of your new or used vehicles, or your services. 

Invest in the right places and according to the variance in demand over time. Deliver the right message to each segment, based on what they are looking for and their interactions with your website.


  • Increase your performance
  • Optimize your resources
  • Become more competitive
  • Plan your tactical actions

Maximize the power of GA4 and Google Tag Manager

Harness the full potential of the industry’s most powerful analytics platforms. Track all crucial events on your website to detect leaks and recapture visitors before losing them, using the right message according to their progression towards conversion.

Develop valuable proprietary data with GA4. The platform allows you to collect anonymous information about your visitors and continue running effective campaigns while respecting privacy regulations. The earlier you start with GA4, the sooner you’ll be prepared for the anticipated disappearance of cookies and the obsolescence of standard GA3 scheduled for July 2023.


  • Understand the return on your investments
  • Implement an effective retargeting system
  • Adjust your strategy to maximize performance
  • Monitor your conversions on a customized dashboard

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