A call center dedicated to the automotive industry that can deliver efficient solutions quickly.

With FMT’s call center, you can quickly deliver campaigns at the time that suits you best. Our team can take care of your project from start to finish.

Develop custom call campaigns with personalized scripts, all coordinated by our production team, based on your specific business objectives.

Data extraction from any DMS

Data preparation

Personalized call scripts

Appointment booking and confirmation

Appointment management platform, GO

Call details and appointments inputted in your CRM

Some examples of services to inspire you

Buyback program

Reach out to your customers who own a model you are looking for. Invite them to get their vehicle evaluated and receive a buyback offer.

Launch of new models

Personalized invitations service for the unveiling of a new model. Welcome a maximum number of guests during the launch event.

Targeted list of Manufacturers

Ensure follow-up with customers approaching the end of their lease. Send them personalized messages based on your goals and specifications.

Walkouts follow-ups

Provide prompt and independent follow-up with customers who did not purchase from you. Conduct a survey to discover the reasons for their non-purchase, allowing you to improve your operations and have one last opportunity to recover a sale.

Tire campaigns

With our tire campaigns, enjoy a more efficient way to plan your time, internal resources, and schedule.

Recall campaigns

Our recall campaigns allow you to manage multiple reminders in a single campaign and generate work for your workshop during quieter times.

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