A call center dedicated to the automobile industry that delivers quick and effective solutions

Our BDC automotive call center is driven by passion and dedicated to the automotive business.  With FMT, there is no outsourcing, all agents are FMT’s employees and trained for the automotive terminology and understand why they're calling a customer.  Our goal is to give your customers a great experience with professional calls.

Our team can quickly deliver campaigns at the time that suits you best. We can support you in building your project and deliver an all-inclusive service.

Data extraction from any DMS

Data preparation

Personalized call scripts

Appointment booking and confirmation

Appointment management platform, GO

Call details and appointments inputted in your CRM

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Some services to inspire you

Buyback program

Solicit your customers who have a model you are looking for. Invite them to have their vehicle valued and receive a buyback offer.

New model launch

Call campaign for new vehicle launched addressed to specific individuals.  Add an email invite and reduce your campaign cost.

Targeted manufacturer's lists

Contact your customers selected by your manufacturer quickly and efficiently.

Walkouts follow-up

Find out why your prospects left your showroom empty handed and get them back in your dealership

Tire campaigns

With our tire campaigns, enjoy a more efficient way to plan your time, internal resources and schedule.

Recall campaigns

Get all of your recall campaigns handled at once and fill your shop during the slow period of the year.