Get on board with our essential service package or pick and choose from our wide variety of services designed to increase your customer loyalty.

Konductö is the solution of choice for better customer service loyalty. Our proprietary algorithms were developed by our engineering team and tested with all DMS. Whether you are looking to outsource your service BDC completely or in part, we got it covered.

Discover a new world of possibilities with our data automation, personalized electronic communications and outbound call services to get those lost customers back in your service drive.

Our essential package

Data management and DMS connectivity

New vehicle first appointment

Vehicle maintenance

Conquest of lost customers 

The Special services

Tire season campaigns

Manufacturer recalls

Additional services

New customers Welcome communication

Specialized maintenance program


Appointments reminders

All of our services are optimized to reduce the needs of phone follow-up.

With our electronic communications, we get the customers to take action on their own when we want them too.  Our algorithms will generate the communications out to your customers based on the driven vehicle maintenance schedule, driving habits and service records.

We plan the communications outside of peak hours so as not to overload your call center or service advisors.

All our communications are automated so you get a continuous flow of appointments without creating a peak and frustration to your customers.