Are you looking to get more allocations?

The Winter Blitz is a program that gets orders in faster and more efficiently. It's designed to put today's business right onto tomorrow's allocations!
Supported by our team of professionally trained agents and opportunity managers we will get you the right customers in the door and help you obtain the best conversion rate.

Today's efforts will ensure a successful spring!

Our opportunity managers work with you, in your dealerships

With our team of specialists, we're able to maximize order volumes for all your needs

Maintaining and coordinating a multichannel approach is key to success


Our agents are specially trained to maximize orders and allocations
Well-prepared clients for better conversions
Clients selection based on your inventory and targets!
Fill your dealership quickly with qualified prospects

Don’t wait for the inventory – it might be gone before then!

Our team is available to help you with any questions.

FMT Performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7


FMT Performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7