Because now you have to make your appointments at 6 feet... we switch to PRIVATE mode.

Managing appointments according to your ability

Customer's home appointments

Virtual appointments


Educate people about the health code

Event managers trained to manage your showroom traffic

Communications adapted to the new reality

We make sure to manage your showroom traffic with a uniform distribution of appointments.



3 DAYS / up to 2,400 CONTACTS


The FMT difference

Needs analysis

Our team of Territory Director are empowered to advise you on strategies based on your needs.

In addition, they understand your issues and they listen to the particularities of each brand.


Our experienced production team will bring your event to the right point and make sure to cover your campaign specifications in every detail.

Our marketing coordinators will monitor the production of your campaign and will be your pre-event contact point.


The best way to get conclusive results is through good list segmentation. Segmentation allows us to adapt call scripts and electronic mailings to get the maximum customer engagement.

With good segmentation you will get a better return on your investment and you will be able to better quantify the results of your sales and thus improve your next campaign.

Personalized communication

Segmentation allows you to have a relevant message with your customers and prospects. Your scripts must therefore be adapted to each segment.

This personalization gives you a better commitment since the customer has the feeling that the message is addressed to him.

Customer Contact Center

At FMT we operate our own customer contact centre. This allows us to react quickly when needed so correct the shot with the direct input of the agents.

With a personalized customer approach through customer segmentation, it's all the more important to have a quick interaction on customer engagement.

Event manager

Our experienced event manager team is an essential cog in the outcome of your event.

They have the necessary experience to guide your floor, welcome your customers and intervene in TO before they leave.

Always ready to intervene, they also take care of recalling no-shows and reviewing unsold files to give you satisfaction.





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FMT Strategy & performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7


FMT Strategy & performance
100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7