Reinventez l'experience client automobile et marquez les esprits

Reinvent the automotive customer experience and make a lasting impression

In today’s competitive automotive industry, simply selling vehicles is no longer enough to retain customers. Car dealerships must stand out by providing exceptional customer service and creating a memorable experience from the very first visit. At FMT Performance, we understand the importance of this customer-centric approach. In this article, we will unveil proven strategies to take customer service to the next level and establish a strong trust-based relationship with your clients.

Offer an unforgettable experience

Create a warm and relaxed atmosphere that caters to the needs and preferences of each customer, whether they are singles, families with children, or couples in search of their ideal vehicle. From the moment the customer arrives at the dealership, it is crucial to provide a welcoming ambiance. Offer them a freshly brewed cup of coffee, donuts, or healthy snacks tailored to their personal tastes.


Also, ensure you have designated areas for children with games, coloring materials, and snacks or creative activities to keep them entertained. You might even consider providing video games at your facility. Parents will appreciate the convenience of this temporary daycare, allowing you to engage in uninterrupted discussions without children getting bored and wanting to leave the dealership. The goal is to make the experience enjoyable for all visitors, not just the adults who walk through your doors. Ensure that every family member feels welcome and valued during their visit.


Opt for promotional marketing in the dealership by integrating fun and interactive items specifically designed to entertain children. These attractive goodies, offering both physical and technological play opportunities, can be customized with your professional contact information. By offering them, you ensure continuous visibility as children will bring them home or keep them in their family vehicles.


This constant presence will reinforce brand recognition in the minds of adults. Even though it may not be an immediate priority on their to-do list, this lasting impression can trigger awareness to address a future need. Develop a thoughtful strategy and cultivate strong connections with your customer base through this smart marketing approach.


Make every visit a memorable experience

The goal is to make each visit unforgettable. Offer small extra touches, such as a personalized gift with a purchase or a guided tour of the facilities. Create a friendly and engaging atmosphere by encouraging open discussions and attentively addressing customer questions.


Don’t neglect the post-sales experience

Your relationship with the customer does not end once the sale is made. Ensure regular contact with maintenance reminders or exclusive promotions from the service department. Respond promptly and efficiently to any service or assistance requests, demonstrating your commitment to ongoing customer satisfaction.

Build trust to foster loyalty

Trust is also a key element in customer retention. Make sure to always deliver on your promises, provide quality service, and be transparent in your communications. Customers who trust your dealership will be more likely to return for their future vehicle needs and recommend your business to others.

At FMT Performance, we are driven by a deep conviction that customer service goes beyond a simple business transaction. We believe it is a symphony of emotions, an immersive experience that awakens our customers’ senses. By following our proven strategies, you will stand out from the competition and create memories that will continue to shine long after their visit to our dealership.


Prepare to redefine expectations, forge strong bonds, and elevate the customer experience to new heights. At FMT Performance, we invite you to embrace this new era where every interaction is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.