Innovative marketing solutions for customer loyalty and leads conversion.

FMT’s automotive sales and service marketing solutions are built to deliver higher customer loyalty rates and better leads conversion.

Backed by our customer-oriented BDC, we will provide you with personalized services for your dealership needs.

While FMT works on generating opportunities, you work your customers.

Our latest automotive sales and service marketing solutions


Increase customer loyalty

Our personalized tracking programs allow you to quickly implement an organized and efficient customer monitoring system at a lower cost than an in-house BDC.


Convert service to sales

Take advantage of service visits to your existing customers and orphans to initiate sales opportunities based on well-established criteria.


Create the buzz in your showroom

Bring your customers back to your showroom and create a buzz with a sales event. Increase your orders for the next quarter.


Get sales at a lower cost

Maximize your customer databases by leveraging your used vehicle buyers and generate new sales at a lower cost than a traditional lead.

Get a considerable appointment rate


Up to %


Up to %


Up to %


Up to %


Up to %

Customized automotive marketing services tailored to your objectives

  • Services developed with automotive processes.
  • Personalization according to your requirements and those of your manufacturer.
  • Complete customer lifecycle management.
  • A one-stop-shop for your conquest and loyalty needs.

An experienced team from the automotive industry

  • People who understand your reality.
  • Advisory service that enables you to perform better.
  • A team dedicated to your success.
  • Quick actions for results when you need them the most.

A call center 100% dedicated to the automotive sector

  • Specialized agents trained for the automotive sector.
  • A local call center, with no outsourcing.
  • Evolving call scripts tailored to your needs.
  • Easily trackable and transparent results.

Automotive marketing tools for advanced customer management

  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Facilitates daily tracking of your team and clients.
  • Helps you uncover hidden opportunities.
  • Selects the best clients at the right time.

Our team: the true engine of success for over 25 years.

FMT Performance is a fantastic team of passionate individuals, with a highly involved boss. Every day, I face new challenges that inspire me and energize me to continue learning, investing myself, and motivating others to push their limits.

Sylvie Francoeur – Customer contact center Director

Dealerships We work with

Frequently asked questions

Regardless of the size of your dealership or the number of transactions you conduct, our programs guarantee you the best return on investment. Here is an overview of the prices for some of our most requested options!

COPILOT Program starting from $1495

Call Campaign starting from $995

VIP starting from $4995

When you sign up for Copilot, the minimum duration is 3 months.

Choose the experience that suits you best! Our packages last from 1 to 5 days. No matter which package you choose, we guarantee that it will be filled with fun and success!

Our team is dedicated to reaching as many clients as possible to maximize our chances of success. Each client record is dialed up to 3 times for each phone number, so you can receive up to 9 calls per client!

Call campaigns have a limited duration, and once the campaign is over, there is no further follow-up with the client. With COPILOT, you get continuous follow-up until the lease or financing term ends. As a result, you can achieve appointment rates up to 3 times higher.

Lease up to 75%

Financing up to 50%

Used cars up to 25%

Service appointment customers up to 30%

Leads up to 40%

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