The FMT team is made up of automotive marketers who care about your success!

For more than 25 years, our company has been helping car manufacturers and dealerships reach more customers, thanks to our private sales solutions and our communication tools, tailor-made for the industry.

Our sales team

Contacter Luc Vinet

Luc Vinet

Contacter Marc-Andre-Ladouceur

Marc-André Ladouceur

Senior Director
Dealer network

Contacter Olivier Fortin

Olivier Fortin

Contacter Guy Crevier

Guy Crevier

 Contacter Serge Jarry

Serge Jarry


FMT Kahina Harbi

"Growing while helping others grow, a unifying corporate culture, a dedicated team: FMT performance offers the framework perfect for surpassing yourself."


Kahina Harbi - IT and BI Director

"The team is committed… and really great! FMT Performance offers a work-life balance that allows you to live at your own pace."

Valérie Fillion - Marketing Specialist

FMT Valérie Fillion
FMT Ilyes Rahim

"When employees are treated well, customers are too. FMT Performance takes great care of its team, for the team to take great care of customers."

Mohamed Ilyes Rahim - Web Developer

Our history

1994 - FMT's foundation

FMT’s beginnings with the establishment of a training program on the operation and benefits of car rental.

1994 - Gold key lease training

The very first contract is one for training on Chrysler Canada’s Gold key leasing program. We were then responsible for training all of Québec’s Chrysler dealers.

1996 - Nissan Canada

First national training contract on Nissan Canada’s lease program: No-nonsense lease program.

1997 - Volkswagen Canada

Second national training contract on sales, leases, and renewals for Volkswagen Canada.

1998 - Honda Canada

Provincial training program on sales, leases,
and renewals.

2000 - Call center

Opening of our customer contact center with the main function of monitoring lease terminations.

2004 - Private sales

FMT’s second phase takes shape with our debut
in private sales.

2015 - Launch of Konductö

Launch of our service department customers follow-up program.

2016 - Launch of FMT's Blitz

Beginning of our Blitz programs for manufacturers, allowing them to deploy coordinated marketing campaigns between dealers and manufacturers.

2019 - Customer contact center

Opening of our new customer contact center which can service 40,000 customers per week.
We are one of the largest customer contact centers in Canada, dedicated to the automotive industry.

2020 - Launch of the Copilot program

Launch of the COPILOT program, a custom follow-up service for your finance, lease and service orphan customers.

Social implications

FMT is proud to be associated with the Noël Magique organization, through Carrefour Familial Hochelaga and Maison Oxygène Montréal.

Magical Christmas is an annual sponsorship event for the benefit of children from Carrefour Familial Hochelaga. In order to participate, there are two possible forms of sponsorship.

A donation, which will be used to buy a Christmas dinner for a Carrefour family.

The purchase of a gift with a maximum value of $30, chosen from a wish list submitted by the child.

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