Simplify your tire season and let us book your shop before the first snowfall

The Konductö tire campaign allowed me to experience my best tire season ever. 

Martin Beaulieu

– Alix  Toyota

The duration, pace, and sequence of our communications are carefully planned to generate appointments in a timely manner, allowing you to maximize your sales and work orders.

We start with a thorough evaluation of your potential customer base to have a comprehensive understanding of the scope and business potential of the campaign.

We then deploy dynamic follow-up communications, followed by outbound calls as needed to accelerate the campaign before the arrival of the first snowfall.

Why should you trust us?

  • All your clients and prospects will be contacted
  • A controlled flow of inbound calls
  • Better scheduling of your time and resources
  • Increased sales
  • Increase in work orders
  • Reduction of last-minute rush and staff overtime
  • Customized communications tailored to your brand, with unique SMS and outbound phone number

We offer you two options:

Option 1
  • Customer base evaluation and potential assessment
  • Customer segmentation
  • Dynamic SMS and email communications
  • Campaign report

Option 2

  • Evaluation and potential of the customer base
  • Customer segmentation with dynamic SMS and email communications
  • 🚀 Schedule your appointments early in the season and avoid the rush of the first snowfall by outsourcing your outbound calls to our team of trained agents
  • Campaign report

Take control of your tire season today!

Let our experts plan your tire season while you focus on your clients.

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