With Copilot Service, generate sales opportunities while your customers are in for vehicle maintenance. Select precise criteria and don’t miss out on these low cost leads.

Connected to your DMS, we see all service appointments to come. With your selected criteria, we will generate sales opportunities for you to handle while your customers are servicing their vehicle. 
Our team will arrange sales appointments with “drops” and “waits” specific processes so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Target service sales opportunities while your customers are in the dealership. With Copilot service, target opportunities according to your own selection.


your appointments into sales opportunities

up to %

By applying precise selection filters, we target your customers who have service appointments and are in a favorable position to consider changing their vehicle.

  • We receive all your upcoming service appointments from your DMS.
  • Precise selection filters are applied based on your criteria.
  • We reach out to your selections, resulting in sales appointments.
  • Specific strategies are implemented for “Waits” and “Drops.”
  • Additionally, you can acquire new customers from your orphan service clients.

COPILOT Service benefits

New sales opportunities every day.

A continuous process.

Get the most out of your seasonal tire change months.

Acquisitions at the cost of customer retention.

You won’t miss any opportunities.

Every day, numerous service visits hide potential sales: uncover them now!

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