Improve your customer loyalty in leasing and financing

Our dynamic follow-up programs are individualized to reflect your reality.

Our dynamic work practices enable us to be always prepared for ongoing changes in allocations and inventories.

This allows us to efficiently manage situations with limited inventory, varying delivery timelines, and shifting manufacturing programs, all while prioritizing our customers.

We ensure complete management of your customer portfolios, resulting in a higher overall retention rate for you.

Our 3-step customer follow-up

Getting in touch

Initial calls to engage clients in conversation and position them in their buying process.

Deferred calls

Customer follow-up based on conversations and continuous tracking process.


Final conversion mode for clients at the end of leases or those reaching the end of communication rights.

COPILOT Loyalty benefits

Collaborate in selecting the most relevant clients based on your automotive inventory and ongoing marketing programs.

Our communications are fully personalized. The scripts are tailored and adapted according to your requests and can be customized based on customer types or vehicles.

Only a few agents handle your clients, resulting in better personalization, and our agents have a more in-depth knowledge of your dealership.

You have a dedicated phone number for your dealership, along with a waiting queue and a personalized voicemail.

Customer selection powered by our Data Wizard

The Data Wizard allows you to precisely select your clients based on criteria such as time, brands, models, years, and financial data.

With this tool, you can choose the best clients at the right moment.

  • Equity
  • Available Inventory
  • Allocations
  • Current Programs

Track our performances live with the GO, and you will be able to see the opportunities generated by FMT. You’ll find your appointments, notes from our agents, current vehicle, financing type, and your clients purchasing intentions.

Our stats section will allow you to monitor your sales and renewal results, keeping you on track with your performance at all times.

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