The No1 service follow-up solution for automotive dealerships

We simplify your customer retention.

Konductö, the ideal solution for customer retention, offers algorithms developed by our team of engineers, tested with all DMS. Whether you choose total or partial outsourcing of your BDC service, we have the right solution!

Explore new possibilities with our data automation services, personalized electronic communications, and outbound calls to recover your lost service customers.

All our services are optimized to reduce the need for phone follow-ups.

  • Electronic communications prompting clients to act according to our timing.
  • Algorithms generating communications based on vehicle maintenance schedule, driving habits, and service records.
  • Scheduling communications outside peak hours to avoid call center overload.
  • Automated communications ensuring a continuous flow of appointments.
  • Elimination of peaks and frustration among clients.

Discover our multiple solutions that match your needs.

Our basic package

Data management and DMS connection

First appointment for a new vehicle

Maintenance follow-up

Recovery of lost clients

Specialized services

Tire campaigns

Manufacturer recall campaigns

Additional services

Welcome communication to new clients

Specialized maintenance program


Appointment reminders