Stay connected to your service customers with our CRM and track your campaigns results live.

The call Manager allows you to follow your agents live and share tasks with the Konductö customer contact center.

Our Service CRM solution is entirely automated for your selected campaigns. Spend valuable time with your customers and let the CRM handle the lists and dynamic communications.

“Connected with your BDC or an external BDC center, you will get live information on your campaigns. Updated daily with your DMS data, you work on the latest opportunities and get more out of your team.”

Designed for efficiency

  • Quick and easy call process.
  • Centralized customer information.
  • Customer service history all on the same page.
  • Customers sales information available to leverage other business opportunities.

Smart lists

Gone are the days spent pulling out lists. Our smart lists will update following the customers actions, so you get to work on the right customers.

Better planning

  • Customer list completion rat.
  • Automated deferred calls.
  • Quick access to agents results.
  • Simple agent assignment.
  • Linear UI for more efficient operation.

Results by service

  • Drill down to the lists and agents level.
  • Multiple final status information.
  • Data export for further analysis or system update.

Time saver

  • Click-to-call for simple actions.
  • Inter-agent memos.
  • Complete call log history. 
  • Thorough customer history. 
  • Integrated SMS and Email channels.
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